No Shortcuts. Ever.

1 Dream

Pursuing your dream home starts with imagination! Consider your lifestyle and needs. Jot down the vision for your personalized desires. Collect notes, photos and examples of what inspires and thrills you. Define your distinctive style and clarify your tastes.

2 Discovery

The client-architect relationship becomes very personal. Compatibility with style, experience and approach is necessary to accurately interpret your needs. Hagstrom Builder is happy to refer you to one of its trusted collaborating architects, or we can seamlessly join your project already in process with your chosen designer.

3 Design

Hagstrom Builder’s new homes and remodels are all architecturally designed. No two homes are alike, yet our ability to execute a variety of cutting-edge, complex projects is second to none. A Hagstrom-built home will always be uniquely authentic to your lifestyle. Plotting the creative plan to paper starts here.

4 Draft

A well-informed designer joining forces with an experienced builder can save you time and money. The goal is to get it right before we pound one nail. Structural choices, knowledge of materials and new technologies, energy efficiency requirements and codes will all be carefully considered against your budget.

5 Decisions

In this phase, communication between Hagstrom Builder, the architect, interior designers, and the client is in full swing. Translating 2-D drawings into 3-D construction while tracking with time, expectations and budget is where we shine. We want our clients to enjoy the process, so we’re known for our calm approach as you make decisions on materials, colors, finishes and more.

6 Development

Hagstrom Builder bids for and works with only top-notch subcontractors where keen communication holds the entire crew to quality and timely coordination. From construction to plumbing, carpentry to landscaping, you will be involved and well informed and on any caveats or changes to your project. No shortcuts. No surprises.

7 Details

It’s finally time to make this house your home, or enjoy your remodeled space. As we wrap up a project, we hold to a multi-point inspection of the interior and exterior, double checking for our highest standard of quality on all foundations, flooring, fixtures and finishes. Our eyes are on even the smallest details.

8 Dependability

We at Hagstrom Builder take ownership in what we build and stand behind our work. If you find a flaw in the materials or workmanship, we want to know about it and we will make it right. That’s a promise!

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